Never call your sales team again to check Air Flow’s inventory…

Instead of building its own E-Commerce platform, Air Flow has decided to partner with Distribution Depot to peddle our warehouse wares.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Englers, former owners of Milwaukee Stove, have built a cool platform for distributors to put their products on. Contractors can search suppliers they have accounts with to make sure they can get what they need when they get it.

Wait, Tommy-Boy, Air Flow’s not a distributor…

Correct. Air Flow will have a very different product lineup than the usual suspects on the site.

What will we have on the site, you ask? Everything we’ve got.

You may see a few surprises in the inventory lineup. Air Flow now stocks Kinghome heat pumps (standard and low ambient), lots of Gripple hanging kits, and plenty of VAV boxes with coils.

Engineers, you can sign up too. If you’re designing a fast track project, it makes sense to design around something the contractors can get their hands on.

The quantity counts will be updated once per day through APIs from our accounting platform, so counts should be close. That is, unless someone cleans out all our 8” SPD plaque diffusers in one fell swoop. That would be a lot of diffusers, since we have 600 on hand.

Along with quantities, prices will be on the site. You’ll need to create an account to see them. Those prices include freight. If you have a larger quantity needed, feel free to reach out to your sales team for a discount.

For your field people, Distribution Depot has a mobile app too.

We know you love talking to your Air Flow team, but it doesn’t need to be about how many Gripple hanging kits are on the shelf.

Until next time


Tom Gelin
Air Flow Inc.
8355 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223


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