#3: Solve a Sound Problem. Fast. With Acoustic Flex

“Hey, Gelin, your VAV box is too loud…”

I’ve heard that before. Funny thing, when I put a VAV box on my desk, it doesn’t make any sound at all. Weird.

Duct systems get loud for a lot of reasons. Extra duct offsets, VAV close to the air handler, tight spaces, light building construction, plenum ceilings, partition walls not full height, loud rooftops, oversped fans. On and on.

Of course, duct silencers work. Air Flow sells a bunch of them! We just don’t have any on the shelf.

What Air Flow does have on the shelf is flex duct that has incredible acoustic performance. Often, as good as a silencer, and sometimes better.

Click image above for the Flexmaster 6M submittal

The folks who have used acoustic flex have been very impressed, and we have solved some big-time problems. Office, country club, recording studio, emergency room, etc. Of course, the acoustic flex is 2-3 times more expensive than the standard stuff.

Air Flow offers both standard and acoustic flex.

And on Distribution Depot, you can see how much we have in stock, what the costs are, and if you feel like it, order a box of each and see how they work for you!

This is an old video about acoustic flex, but the message still holds up.

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