#4: “I need the curbs, rails, and portals here tomorrow!”

Curb and Equipment Rail Installation

By the time you got your purchase order from the GC or the owner, you’re already late. Sometimes you can get a curb ordered and shipped in just a couple days, but it’s often when those lead times get out to be two weeks.

Could be we already have the curbs, rails, and pipe portals you need right here. Of course, you can get all the costs and available quantities on Distribution Depot.

Quickframe Installation

If you’re really on your game, you can furnish the framing yourselves too. No welding required! There is plenty of Quickframe material in stock as well. You might need a little help figuring out which pieces you need, but the folks at Air Flow will help you figure that out. 

Check out the assembly video to see how it comes together.

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