Can You Trust Air Flow with Air Conditioning?

With the addition of REFRIGERATION RON, our resident refrigerant (air conditioning) expert, you can start to think of us as your guys for packaged refrigeration, heat pumps, 100% outside air units, and VRF.

How a Dual Fan Power Plume Can Save You Money

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to turn down a high plume laboratory exhaust system (without sacrificing performance)?

Now you can.

Please take a moment to check out Air Flow’s Animated Power Plume Video. (We’re pretty proud of it!)

Range. Support. Experience.

Any rep can sell you HVAC equipment. At Air Flow we deliver the range, support and experience you need for lasting success.

Want to get Rid of your Delivery Headaches?

Undoubtedly, you’ve managed or been on a project with a lot of grilles, fire dampers, sheet metal accessories, fans, terminal boxes, and other equipment. Coordinating the arrival, inspection, unpacking, sorting, and distribution of all these materials is challenging enough.

To complicate matters further, many manufacturers have multiple plants, so a single order placed by a rep will involve multiple deliveries of the same product type. (Example – curtain fire dampers come from one plant, multi-blade fire dampers from another, and fire-smoke dampers from a 3rd)

What Value Does your Flex Provide

Since Air Flow started offering acoustical flex duct by Flexmaster USA, we’ve been able to solve a number of acoustic issues by simply replacing the standard flexible duct with acoustic flex.

The concept is really simple. The media that holds the insulation out of the air stream is the same media that makes up HEPA filters. It is acoustically transparent. That allows the sound to pass through the R6 insulation, bounce off the vapor barrier, back through the insulation, and back into the duct.

Balancers? We don’t need no steenkin’ balancers!

The Aldes CAR (control air regulator) is one of Air Flow’s most intriguing, yet underutilized products.

One of the biggest and best surprises about this product is how inexpensive it is. A CAR-II damper set for 6” diameter to hold 105 cfm is about $45. (Provided the static is between 0.2” and 0.8”.)

You can see from the video that the constant volume control damper requires no controller, no actuator, and no electronics.

The Agony of Fire Damper Testing

Take a moment to check out a short and entertaining video regarding the testing of fire dampers.

Tom Gelin Unusual Road to Entrepreneurship

This video is from a speaking engagement at our industry convention in January 2012. The subject is my unusual entry to becoming an entrepreneur, followed by the address of growing pains that don’t go away with success. There are also some ideas for help that I received through various sources.

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