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Our Story:

Air Flow is a Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) manufacturer’s representative serving Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Founded in 1973 by Allen Gelin and Neil Drees, Air Flow has earned its reputation among its customers in the commercial, industrial, and institutional marketplace.

Air Flow has over 25 employees and operates out of a 54,000 square foot facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We represent over 50 manufacturers of HVAC equipment and thousands of individual products.

Why Air Flow?

We know your customer is your priority, not us. We also know all reps look alike. We offer similar products, at similar prices, with similar services. So what makes us different? As President Tom Gelin puts it, we have a patented system of “Give-a-sh**-ology. Yep, we really do give a sh** about your project.

That means we do the little things others aren’t willing to do, so you can have a successful project, get home in time for supper, and sleep well at night.

Any company can sell you HVAC products, but only Air Flow delivers the Range, Support, and Experience you need for lasting success.

For Our Engineering and Contracting Customers:

  • We provide design assistance and compliance information for engineers.
  • We help educate the industry on our products and in HVAC in general.
  • We provide proposals for publicly bid and privately negotiated projects.
  • We provide product data and coordination specific to your project.
  • We sell, order, and ship HVAC equipment
  • We provide logistics for those products so they arrive on time.
  • We are the experts in the products we represent.
  • We are committed to your success as we are as committed to ours.

For Our Manufacturers:

  • We serve as an extension of your company.
  • We learn your products inside and out.
  • We both identify and create opportunities for your products and solutions.
  • We identify, prevent, and solve problems that arise
  • We are committed to your success as we are as committed to ours.

Air Flow Range

If it’s a product or service that can fit into your HVAC design – even obscure items – we’ve got it and we know how to implement it. We work with over 50 manufacturers to make sure we can provide the appropriate solution for your needs.

Air Flow Support

We’re there for you, even when we’re not getting paid for it. From training opportunities to trouble shooting grille schedules, we do everything possible to make selecting, purchasing, installing and maintaining your HVAC system painless.

Air Flow Experience

Tricky situations don’t scare us; we have a collaborative team with deep knowledge in many specialized areas. If you have a specific challenge, chances are we’ve solved it before.
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