First, it was industrial makeup air.

More recently, a focus on dust collection.

Now, Air Flow is tackling oil mist. With Absolent.

Your customers shouldn’t have their employees work on a skating rink. And who wants to breathe air with lots of cutting oil suspended in it? Oil mist is not cooperative at all, and thus it’s a challenge to contain.

If you had to solve an oil mist problem with no background, where would you start? I started in my industrial ventilation handbook. And I found… nothing. There is no air change formula for oil mist. In fact, more air can compound the problems.

Absolent and Air Flow are going to work with you and your customer to solve the issue differently, starting with a field visit and a measurement of the particles before any equipment is recommended.

Absolent Filters for Moderate Oil Mist. If you have CNC machines, running at a moderate speed and with a moderate coolant pressure,  your machines will start to leak oil mist into the factory. The oil mist consists of  particles of moderate size and the fog is moderately thick. It irritates your lungs, but also your wallet. Invest in an Amist filter and the problems disappear at a low cost!

More industrial factories are adding air conditioning to retain their employees. If cutting oil is in the air, its going to be all over the walls, the floors, the equipment, and yes, in the rooftops, air handlers, and fans. I suppose we all want to sell the same project twice, but it would be better for the owners to get it solved right the first time.

Look out for some training dates in the future, both live and via Zoom, so there are a few more oil mist problem solvers in the world.

Until next time,


Tom Gelin
Air Flow Inc.
8355 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223


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