How’s it Hangin’?

Good question. The assembly above our heads is supported by universal imbeds; down with cable to Unigrip, mounted to pipe support brackets, and piping twist clamps.

Features our latest video – How’s It Hangin’?

Offensive? Maybe. (Sorry to the 10% of men and 30% of women who don’t like the gag. The unsubscribe button is at the bottom of the email for those who feel we went too far.)

But there’s something more offensive – wasting labor in the field with inefficient hanging systems!

It turns out that Gripple’s Hanging Solutions are right up Air Flow’s alley. Our team is in the business of helping mechanical contractors solve issues and save labor. And Gripple is a perfect fit!

Air Flow has become Gripple’s primary representative in Wisconsin for all building trades (HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.) There are hundreds and hundreds of Gripple items in our stock, at the ready to move your project faster and better.

Gripple should be up your alley, too, Mr. and Ms. Contractor.

Field labor savings are a lunch-and-learn away, and your sales person would enjoy getting your team up to speed. There’s a lot more than cable for round duct.

Engineers, if Gripple isn’t in your master, give us a chance to change your mind.

Enjoy the video.

Until next time.

Tom Gelin
Air Flow Inc.
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Milwaukee, WI 53223


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