(If you have to replace your home unit, you should wait until this is in stock)

Air Flow just signed on with Gree, the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, one you’ve probably never heard of. And yes, it’s true, their product offering includes a heat pump that will compete with a basic, code compliant SEER13 air conditioner paired with a furnace.

The product is:

  • Cost competitive with code compliant furnaces and air conditioning
  • Reliable with fewer parts to fail
  • Built to operate in Wisconsin’s climate (rated to -22F)
  • Supported by Air Flow with a growing inventory and spare parts or spare units
  • Simple to install, no complicated equipment required
  • Useful for new construction and retrofits
  • Very efficient (18-20 SEER)
  • Incentivized by Focus on Energy
  • Terrific for multi-family applications
  • Beneficial in non-financial ways, as a bonus

With that, it’s time to start planning Mr. Furnace’s Retirement Party.

Mr. Furnace, you’ve served us well. You’ve been very reliable, and for that, we thank you. But the world changes. Your responsibilities are being reduced, and your retirement is on the horizon.

There’s only one way to find out more – Register for the Zoom rollout!

Until next time.



Tom Gelin
Air Flow Inc.
8355 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223


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