water-bottlesIf you are an engineer, a contractor, or a building manager, you know that humidity is a challenge that has to be addressed on most projects.

The conventional method to tackle humidity control is air conditioning with a DX or chilled water coil and some form of reheat. It works, but is expensive to run and more challenging the more outside air that is required. Solid desiccant systems are expensive up front, expensive to operate.

Are there other choices? … YES.

There is new alternative available that uses a technology called liquid desiccant air conditioning.

See how it compares on moisture removal ›››

The technology is not new (ref ASHRAE section 24) but the packaging (all plastic), integrated compressor, and control routine makes this technology powerful package.

Consider learning more about the technology for:

  • DOAS Systems
  • Process Spaces for Industry
  • Ice Rinks
  • Material conveying
  • Many others


Advantix and industrial humidity control will be one of the topics covered at Air Flow’s Industrial Ventilation Conference. Registration starts soon, and we hope to see you there!


To learn more about the technology involved in humidity control products manufactured by Advantix, click on the images to the right.


For more information about Advantix and controlling humidity control issues, contact your sales person or Tom Gelin at tom@airflowinc.biz and 414-351-7744.


Tom Gelin

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