Hey customers,

No one needs to tell you that prices and lead times have gone up. This specific message is about lead times.

Just wanted to update you regarding the accuracy of your shipment reports and job confirmations. I wish I could say this update holds better news than it does.

You, our customer, receive shipping dates being BASED ON THE DATES WE ARE GIVEN. If a manufacturer provides Air Flow a ship date, that’s the information relay on to you, without edits or modification.

Unfortunately, the dates are being missed, often by 2-3 weeks from our traditionally-extremely-reliable manufacturers. I heard about a single drum louver that was 8 weeks late.

As we receive updates from our manufacturers, we absolutely provide that information to you.

Here’s a little insight for you. With every price increase, the manufacturers are receiving a glut of orders on the final day of the ‘old pricing’. Immediately, the ship dates kick back. How far, we never know until they sort out their new backlogs. So, how many manufacturers have price increases? That’s the only thing we know for sure… ALL OF THEM.

In the meantime, you can:

  • Pad the ship dates you have for scheduling purposes
  • Check with your sales teams on critical items
  • Talk to us about Koolduct, just in case you can’t get metal in sheets or rolls

For those of you rock stars using our new customer portal, it also holds the latest information, should you want to double check.

And the bright side? Let me know if you think of one. We could all use a laugh on this front.

Until next time


Tom Gelin
Air Flow Inc.
8355 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223


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