Will you allow me to play MMQB?

One of my favorite sayings is from the Brett Farve/Mastercard commercials. Farve at the end says, ‘I Woulda Double Bagged It’. Most of us remember that one. Enjoy the commercial for old time’s sake.

When it comes to ventilation systems, the MMQB in me says ‘I woulda used displacement’

Displacement vs. Mixing

It does not take much thought to recognize that displacement provides a better level of safety against airborne viruses, compared to mixing. The air in the occupied zone is cleaner. There are plenty of studies that document less absenteeism in schools. Displacement ventilation and ventilation effectiveness is documented by ASHRAE.

It is true; displacement is harder to apply. It requires more engineering effort (the first time), and creates debate about its efficacy. Every displacement project I’ve done has faced some level of scrutiny – whether its effectiveness or its cost. But certainly, there are plenty of good reasons to overcome these small obstacles.

If you have not applied displacement yet, you can have a pass from me and Brett for now. It is more work for you to apply; no argument. But moving forward, the Monday Morning QB is going to be wondering why you did not apply a system you know to be safer and more effective against communicable disease.

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If you decide you want to apply displacement to your next project, the folks at Air Flow are here to help you get it just right.

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