You have to work to find it.

So dig in.

Of course, we don’t want anyone to die. That’s not exactly a new thing.

Of course, we’ll miss the talks by the water cooler and the lunches with work pals.

Of course, Wisconsin would have two teams in the NCAA tournament, the Bucks were in first
place, and that’s all over with for now. And opening day will not be open.

Of course, web conferencing for the first time is weird and uncomfortable.

Of course, our kids are driving us nuts, and it sucks they missed the prom, the game, the show, the trip, and the family vacation.

Of course, we’re waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Of course, we feel for all the folks who had to apply for unemployment and the for the businesses that are getting crushed. And if I were, I’d feel desperate too. And we all might be there after all.


On the other hand…

You may be able to get your work done in 6 hours, because no one is interrupting you.

You may find an all-star new team member who was unlucky enough to have been frustrated, furloughed or fired.

You might find out how adept your team is, and hidden talent may emerge from the clutter.

You may be forced to use the new tool, the new software, the new app, because you don’t have a choice, and find out it’s better.

You may have time to check in with that associate or friend you lost track of.

You can read that extra blog post, like this one.

You can take an online class from Harvard or Akimbo.

You can slow down without waiting for retirement and see if it’s something you really want to do.

You can get to the other hand if you realize that worrying will not produce any good results.

So dig in.

Until next time.



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Air Flow Inc.
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