Here’s who can help you:

Have you selected a product and felt uncertain you did it correctly? Afraid to ask?

That’s understandable.

Many times in my career, I’ve asked an engineer “Would you be willing to walk through this as if you were a beginner?” And so many times, the answer is a relieved “YES”.

I don’t know how you engineers can manage selecting so many different products from so many different tools. How could you possibly understand all the nuances of a good selection? Avoiding items that only one supplier can provide? Avoiding cost pitfalls?

If you’ve got it, great and way to go. But there’s no shame in asking a product expert. It would be better to ask before the wrong product is on site. And who hasn’t gone through that before?

So here’s the team that can help you, if you need some help.

Dave Madsen


Caleb Lenhof


Ron Hartzheim


Tom Gelin


Now, here’s what we can help you with:

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Product Service Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Acoustics Acoustic analysis and product selections Dave Madsen Tom Gelin
Air distribution Product recommendations Caleb Lenhof Dave Madsen
Chilled beams and radiant cooling System review and product selections Tom Gelin Dave Madsen
Custom RTU Modified rooftop units, low dewpoint units Ron Hartzheim Dave Madsen
Desiccant Dehumidification Mini-Packs and custom units, down to single digit grains Ron Hartzheim Dave Madsen
Destratification fans Airius fans, HVLS, and paddle destratification fans Dave Madsen Tom Gelin
Displacement ventilation System feasibility, theory, and design Tom Gelin Dave Madsen
Ductwork Thermaduct (outdoor) and Koolduct (indoor) phenolic products Dave Madsen Tom Gelin
Dust Collection System design, safety requirements, product recommendation Dave Madsen Ken Gliniecki
Energy Recovery Energy recovery wheels and cross flow enthalpic heat exchangers Dave Madsen Tom Gelin
Fan coils and unit ventilators Specific selections Caleb Lenhof Dave Madsen
Fans Software tools, unit selections Dave Madsen Tom Gelin
Gas fired unitary heating Infrared, unit heaters, duct furnaces Dave Madsen Adam Pierce
Humidification Sizing and product selection for atmospheric and pressurized steam Tom Gelin Dave Madsen
Laboratory and Healthcare Controls Pressure controls, offset controls, control valves Caleb Lenhof Tom Gelin
Life Safety Fire dampers, fire smoke dampers, smoke dampers, accessories Dave Madsen Tom Gelin
Louvers and dampers Louvers and dampers Caleb Lenhof Dave Madsen
Makeup Air Basic and custom selections, filtration, cooling, heat recovery Dave Madsen Caleb Lenhof
Operating rooms and lab spaces HEPA filtered and laminar flow air distribution equipment Dave Madsen Tom Gelin
Rooftop Units and Refrigeration RTUs, VRF, heat pumps, and split systems Ron Hartzheim Dave Madsen
Starters and Frequency Drives Selection, pricing, compliance Dave Madsen Ron Hartzheim
Vehicle exhaust and source capture Weld arms, hose reels, boom systems, ambient air cleaning Dave Madsen Caleb Lenhof

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