Hey there, mechanical contractors…

If you have made a purchase from Air Flow, you should be familiar with our ‘Customer Job Report’ Document that look like the example above.

I know this is a big ask, but if you for some reason are NOT receiving these reports, please let your sales team know. You should receive a new report every time there is a change to your project – a new acknowledged ship date or a new actual ship date. They could also be in the junk folder or quarantined; if so, let’s work together so these reports show up effortlessly.

Air Flow’s software team is working on a few enhancements to this report. If there is something in this report that would be helpful, we’d love to hear your idea. If we use it, we’ll send you a $100 gift card. The enhancement we’re working on now is to provide a highlight to items that have changed, making it easier for customers to scan the document and find ‘what’s new’, which can be challenging on a larger project that turns into multiple pages. Thanks Scott from Mared Mechanical for that great idea, and we’ll get you that card!

I only wish there were a ‘I need it faster for no charge!’ button. Maybe that will be in our software 2.0.

While we’re at it, please pay attention to the updated note about inspecting freight upon arrival. The freight carriers are going out of their way to fight freight claims like never before, so your diligence is required in the event of a damaged or concealed damage package.

If someone says ‘unprecedented time’ once more, they’re going to get socked. With that, the Air Flow folks all do hope your businesses and families are managing well over the past 7 months.

Until next time.



Tom Gelin
Air Flow Inc.
8355 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223


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