I’m taking a class. First one in a LONG time. It’s called The Story Skills Workshop, and I wish all of our manufactures would take the class with me.

Dear Manufacturer, don’t start your presentation with how you build the product, the amount of investment you put into it, how your product is better than the others, or the quality of the paint finish. You’re missing the boat.

Step one is to engage the audience, and a lot of your marketing folks forgot about that. The audience has to be engaged with what they are interested in. Not you.

What’s exciting about anything in HVAC? Metal, motors, and media, bent into rectangular and round shapes, to move hot, cold, wetness, dryness, fresh air and dirty air through a building.

Where’s the story?

Create one. And use the graphics above to help you get started.

One funny example. If you look at a catalog for Variable Refrigerant Systems, they all show pictures of the outsides of buildings on the covers. Why is that? Are they selling buildings?

Until next time.



Tom Gelin
Air Flow Inc.
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