If you are new to the industry, your responsibilities are limited. Someone says, you do.

As your experience builds, the number of responsibilities you take on naturally grows.

Some of you want more and more responsibility.

Assistant project manager, project manager, department manager, partner, owner.

It doesn’t matter the landing point. You simply must ‘move up’. There’s always a shortage of talent, whether at the firm you work now, or somewhere else.

You’ll get ‘there’ by working hard, no question. Being bright and thoughtful helps a lot too.

On your journey, we invite you to augment your training with Air Flow.

  • You may never work for a fan company, but it sure is important to understand how a fan is built and more importantly, tested.
  • You may never use CFD, but understanding what it can do for you and your client would be a valuable asset.
  • You may not be working on anything industrial, but tomorrow that could all change.
  • Your current clients may not pay you more for an all-electric building, but the ones tomorrow just may.
  • Your client’s comfort is always important, and you may decide that it’s important to be informed instead of lucky

In years past, I would bang on your door and try to get your attention when a vendor came to town to sell their whatever item. Those days are over, thankfully.

Now it’s up to you to sign up.

You are invited to ‘Humidification in Reverse’

This is an in-person class with an option for remote attendance.

When: Jan 17, 9:00 am CST
Topic: Discovering Humidification in Reverse
You can register for in-person or remote attendance with the link
Webinar Speaker: Josiah Strauss, PhD, MBA, and Regional Sales Manager, Neptronic
PDH credits available: 3

Until next time.


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Air Flow Inc.
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