This is cool. The payoff for reading this blog post may be 1000 times over in your own time.

Insert yourself into this story. Are you METICULOUS, EFFECTIVE, or PRAGMATIC?


Engineers select and reselect VAV boxes all the time. Some boxes are easy to pick; but, with lower water temperatures, getting your MBH, LWT, APD, and LAT lined up can be tricky.

Now, which type of engineer are you?

  • You want your selections dialed in and use a software tool like Price All-In-One. You are METICULOUS.
  • You send your selections to be done by a rep like Air Flow. You are EFFECTIVE.
  • You (like most) use the company’s historical excel template. You are PRAGMATIC.


Your company secures a large project! You are assigned a large project with 1000 terminal boxes designed with 150F water supply. Congrats, and you immediately understand how behind you already are.


All 3 methods listed above have complications.

  • For METICULOUS, do you have the time to do and re-do selections?
  • For EFFECTIVE, is the rep able to keep up with all the project changes?
  • For PRAGMATIC, know that you may spend a LOT of time reviewing selected and reselected terminals


You decide that being METICULOUS, EFFECTIVE, or PRAGMATIC methods all have challenges with the deliverable. You’ve already been in this situation and probably thought, “There’s got to be a better way.” The better way is here.


You engage with Air Flow and Price to build a new excel template for your company that engages Price’s lab-generated data for real-life results, not interpolated data.

  • You don’t need a new software program.
  • You save time selecting the boxes.
  • You save time reviewing the boxes (especially if they are Price boxes, ding ding!).
  • Your team saves time using your new schedule
  • Your customer gets a better, more efficient final product
  • The town throws a parade in your honor.

If you made it to the bottom of this blog post, you have what it takes to save time using this tool.

Let’s get started!

Until next time.


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Air Flow Inc.
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