Hey you,

A real question for you. Is loneliness a real part of your life? Do you miss your friends?

Do you have any friends?

Do you wonder this for your family members and co-workers?

For this blog, I have yet to make a podcast recommendation. This one is worth a share. Tim Ferriss will certainly get by without my promotion, but great topic for this time, Tim.

I thought the former Surgeon General would focus, with greater insight than what the news can provide, on the COVID 19.

He does not.

The message is far better.

If you feel like jumping into a spot that is particularly moving, join in at 1hour and 18 minutes.

Loneliness is not one of my personal battles. I have a close family, a great team at work, a social sport I participate in, and a 10/10 in the extroverted scale on the Myers Briggs test.

On the other hand, there are people at my office who are introverted, and I simply don’t know the depths of their lives, especially now that there are 50 people in the building.

So here, two different ‘thoughts for action.’


  • Reach out to an old friend that doesn’t reach out to you.
  • Connect with all your immediate team members; learn something new about them if you are able. Try more than once; those introverts are slippery.
  • Listen to the podcast, imagine how different your life would be if you weren’t as well connected.


  • Reach out to an old friend, even though it might be hard.
  • Share something about yourself with a team member, even if that’s scary.
  • Remember that someone on your team may be more introverted, or lonely, than you.

Listen to the podcast and know there’s people out there who give a shit about you.

And if you have no one, you can reach me on my cell at 414-303-2365.

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