Yanmar, the little engine that could cooled

Oh, it can…

  • Create air conditioning with single phase power, 20 amps.
  • Deliver up to 14 tons of cooling and heating with 1 outdoor module
  • Run air conditioning far less expensively, using gas
  • Eliminate the need to bring in transformers for retrofits
  • Size the emergency power smaller AND keep the air conditioning on
  • Put air conditioning in just about anywhere
  • Act in heat pump mode or in heat recovery mode
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Use waste engine heat even at below 0 temperatures

And what about Air Flow? What can it do?

Help you understand this system, apply it to your project, and make it work.


I know we can.

Quick Overview

Not only do our VRF units withstand some of the harshest temperatures Mother Nature can deliver, but they also do it with supreme efficiency. Learn more about the technology behind this powerful heating and cooling solution, and how it provides outstanding cost savings to our customers!


Want to learn more about Yanmar VRF systems but not sure who to contact?

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